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Breadth 1

Inverted Still Life Breadth- unnamed white prism and charcoal pencil on black paper. Objects: small animal skull, glass bowl, piece of wood, and plastic stems 11 3/8'x7.5'

Breadth 2

Illustration Breadth- "Where The Lights Touch The Earth" inspired by "Brother Bear", owned by Disney and produced by Aaron Blaise, mixed media water colors, micron pens and india ink. 13'x7 7/8'

Breadth 3

Triple Self-Portrait Breadth- "Innocent Until Evil" prism colors on red construction paper 20 1/4' x 13 1/2'

Breadth 4

Fortune Breadth- "Your Future Plans Are Going To Succeed" collage with prisma markers, water color, India ink, and white gel pen 91'x 30'

Breadth 5

Underwater Scene- "Serene Grace" Digital art

Breadth 6

Scratch board breadth- "Tiger Fishing" scratch board, 10.5'x8'

Breadth 8

Skeleton Study white India ink

Breadth 9

Pond Still Life study of water, lily pads and a lotus flower. Guache/watercolors, white gel pen, micron pen 11 2/3 X 8

Breadth 10

Dogwood Arts Guitar "A Doe, a Deer, a Dogwood Tree" Acrylic paint on a guitar

Breadth 11

Title: Drama Llama media: digital

breadth 12

Ribbon and Pearl painting on a cork shoe

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